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Bethy J [userpic]
by Bethy J (bethyj)
at May 15th, 2007 (01:02 am)

It was no Yankees game but at this point I'll settle for just about any sort of live baseball. Tonight it was the Rochester Red Wings vs the Buffalo Bisons at Frontier Field in Rochester, NY. (That's AAA for the Minnestoa Twins and Cleveland Indians respectively.) Mother was going because she does speech therapy with a boy who's in the marching band and she was going to help out. I decided to get out of work early and go to the game with her. It was a pretty fun night. The home team lost (Red Wings) but at least I finally got to Frontier Field. It's a pretty nice field.

That isn't the view from our seats, that's from the highest seats which really isn't all that high in comparison to the big league stadiums. While she was helping out the marching band I found our seats and was entertained by the mascots...

'Spikes' Later in the game we went up to the nosebleeds to visit the kid she was helping and mum almost got run down by this dude, he's really gotta watch out since he has no peripheral vision!

Um....you guys having fun? ...what are you doing? They were actually throwing around a football for some odd reason. WTF?

That's Mittsey. Apparently they had to give her pink accessories and eye lashes to show she's a girl. I find that a bit sexist, but I suppose that's less offensive then giving her massive breasts to show it...

Obligatory marching band shot, since that's the reason we went in the first place...

So here's a better idea of where we were sitting. I was all excited when we bought the tickets but when I found our seats I realized why we were able to purchase them right before the game started. It's kind of destracting to watch the game with this net in front of you. It was hard to focus, I mean literally hard for my eyes to focus on the guys just beyond the net. Besides that it was hard to really concentrate on the game having never been to a Red Wings game before and not knowing any of the players.

Um...their pitcher. FYI he had very bad control issues this night and gave up 4 runs and at least 8 hits.

hahaha. Choo. Sorry, but for some reason my mother and I were giddy and found his name to be quite funny. Though I commented on how it's not nearly as funny as Wang would be to non-Yankee fans...

We were sitting in the second row behind home plate. The damn net made it kind of hard to concentrate sometimes, and the bugs that began collecting toward the end of the game didn't help much either.

Obligatory home team at-bat shot.

We were right next to the Red Wings on-deck circle. A little too close as we soon found out...

It had been sprinkling on and off and one point when it stopped I mentioned it to my mother who couldn't tell because she had her hood up. She acknowledged but somehow managed to get some spray on my face. I said 'It may have stopped raining but I'm still getting sprayed! Say it don't spray it!' She laughs and says 'Yeah sorry my lips are really wet today.'. Then LeCroy looks over at us from the on-deck circle like 'WTF?'. We start histerical laughing and suddenly realize how well they can hear us from there. OOPS! I suddenly realize I had been making comments on how bad their pitching was that day using colorful language and they had probably heard every thing I said...MY BAD! lol.

My camera had trouble at points figuring out what to focus on, the net or what was beyond it. Though it annoyed me when it would focus on the net and not the game, sometimes it yielded cool results like this.

The away team (Buffalo Bisons) won, 6-2. I think 4 of those six runs were home-runs. Like I said the Red Wings pitching was suspect tonight!

This was an interesting horse just inside the entrance to the stadium, made of baseball gloves. ... Aren't baseball gloves made of leather? This is sort of sick.

Contains many more photos as well as enlarged versions of the ones above.


Posted by: fancy new candace (lewscandygirl)
Posted at: May 15th, 2007 04:01 pm (UTC)
Twins Girl.

Aww! You got to see Matthew LeCroy! I miss Matty. He's so hilarious! Oh, and the starting pitcher...Dave Gassner...not that good. May even be considered below average. Which is kind of sad...considering he did well in at least one of his starts up here in the Majors. Our other three pitchers rock. Garza, Slowey and Baker. They're awesome.

Someday, I will travel and make it to a Red Wings game. I heart the Rochester Red Wings.

Posted by: Augie Augie Augie...OY OY OY!!! (bullpenbrat22)
Posted at: May 15th, 2007 07:20 pm (UTC)

I have a friend who pitches for the Buffalo Bisons...Mike Koplove (former Arizona Diamondback)...that's cool you went to the game :)

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