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snowdrop03 [userpic]
My Phillies Spring Training Pics & Other Pics
by snowdrop03 (snowdrop03)
at March 16th, 2007 (01:43 am)

I've finally finished uploading my pics from our Phillies spring training trip a few weeks back (3 days of workouts, 4 games.) I'm a picture freak, so I have a ton of pics in the gallery. They are all found here:


I also have been working on uploading pics from the last few seasons into my gallery. I already some up, but I still have a ton more just sitting on my computer. Hopefully I'll be able to add other games and such that I haven't uploaded yet at some point. The pics in this gallery include away games (so far I only have the games at Wrigley up, but I really want to add our pics from LA, SD, and Baltimore), and the home games include games against Houston, Atlanta, and Florida.

All my Phillies pics can be found here:


I also have some baseball related pics in my Travel directory, under Chicago (a tour of Wrigley, and a Twins/White Sox game) and Boston (a tour of Fenway.):


Phew, that's a lot for my first post here, huh! Please do not use any of the pictures without my permission. Enjoy. :)